Shopping for the Holidays? Here are 9 Ways to Save Back a Few Pennies


Shopping is a lot of fun. It’s relaxing and exhilarating, and nothing breaks up stress like some good retail therapy. I love the feeling I get from the smell, look, and feel of new merchandise. It excites me.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to start mentally creating the list of things we need to buy. Most of us will be shopping for gifts, things to improve our home and of course, stocking up on food for the festive season. But whatever it is, as long as you’ll be exchanging money for it, we have to be a little bit careful not to overspend.

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Convert Visitors to Subscribers at High Conversion Rates – 7 Reasons Why!

Convert Visitors to Subscribers at High Conversion Rates - 7 Reasons

What’s the point of having a website with hundreds of thousands of monthly views if the visitors are not subscribing to your newsletter? There’s none! Unless of course, you are running a site just for fun. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it as a hobby. However, if your website is for profit, and you don’t convert visitors to subscribers, you’re not going to make any money. Well, maybe you will make some. But I guarantee that whatever you do earn, is just a fraction of what you could make if you were to convert more visitors to subscribers.

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How to Market Your Content to 5 Million People in 24 Hours!


There are many posts out there that claim they will show you how to market your online business. However, only a handful of “gurus” provide real channels for you to share your content where millions of people will see.

Disclaimer: Your total reach is dependent on your acceptance to the groups and communities outlined below. I cannot guarantee acceptance. However, if accepted to post in these groups, your submission will be visible to all active group and community members.

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