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The term Suertz refers to the desire for success, financial accumulation, and the confidence to go after your ambitions, regardless of obstacles.

This blog will provide meaningful advice on how to make the most of all that life has to offer. I’m a big finance enthusiast. It’s a for-profit blog, and I’m hoping it will be able to pay for itself in the future. I’m a graduate of a very prestigious university, and I have a bachelor’s degree in finance and management. I am a post-graduate student, and I might register for the level one CFA exams soon. I’ve worked hard all my life to build passive income streams, and I’m hoping to rid myself of all debts. I’m hoping to share all that I know with everyone.



My commitment to you is to provide well-researched and accurate information consistently. Information that you can trust and use to maneuvering your way through life.


To guide our readers right across the world in the areas of Financial Education, Vocational Development, and Wealth Accumulation.



To empower people with knowledge about being successful. We encourage education, vocation and wealth creation through investments. We will share knowledge to every corner of the earth through proper research and beautifully written articles.

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"Suertz is a great website for people like me (stay at home mom) who are looking for practical ways to make some extra cash by creating multiple streams of passive income."
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