How to Start a Blog to Make Money

How to Start a Blog to Make Money

This short blog post titled how to start a blog to make money is a critique to almost all of the competing articles that I could find online. I’m not trying to be facetious in any way but to be brutally honest, I really don’t think that a lot of these writers really know what it takes to have a successful blog that actually makes money.

Let me make it clear. I am not a very active blogger per se because that’s not how I make my money online, but whenever I do actually publish a new blog post, I always get hundreds or even thousands of organic views to my website. Yes, I always manage to get daily traffic to my blog posts, even on new websites with no age or authority for that matter. How do I manage to do this? It’s pretty simple actually, and I am going to show it to you shortly. But first, let’s me show you what everyone else is telling you about how to start a blog to make money.


Results you get when you search for “How to start a Blog to Make Money” in Google

Before I started writing this blog post, I did a quick Google search for the exact topic that I am writing about, and while scrolling the front page of Google’s results, I came across the article below.

how to start a blog to make money

The reason I am showing you this is to point out the 1 main missing ingredient required to start a successful blog. I also found it interesting that almost all the articles that were on the first page of Google for the search query “how to start a blog to make money” replicated the same 6 steps. If you were doing the research on this topic and found the exact information from 10 different source,s you’d be led to believe that it must be true. And guess what, I can’t blame you for that. When you don’t know, you just don’t know.


How to Start a Blog to Make Money – The Correct Way (7 Steps)

If you didn’t notice, I deliberately sub-titled this paragraph “ How to Start a Blog to Make Money – The Correct Way (7 Steps)” because there are actually 7 steps to starting a good blog. I definitely give credit to “The Blog Starter” for showing 6 of the seven steps, but your blog will be dead before you even write your first blog post if you don’t add the missing ingredient. So here goes, the key ingredient that is missing from the list above as it relates to starting a really good blog is Keyword Research.


Why is Keyword Research Important in Blogging?

Keyword research is what will help you decide what kind of content to write about on your blog. If you are not writing about and optimizing for things that people are searching for on a daily basis, you will struggle to make a dollar online. Take this article, for example, the fact that you are reading this is because I did my keyword research and I know that you and other people out there are searching for the keyword “how to start a blog to make money”.

So how did I know this and how did I know that I would be able to rank for it and get found on Google? I used a very cool tool called Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that basically tells you if your article will be able to make it on the front page of Google or not. It’s that good and it is super accurate. Look at the screenshot below for example.


How to Start a Blog to Make Money – Screenshot

how to start a blog to make money

When I did a search for the keywords “how to start a blog to make money”, Jaaxy provided me with a number of people searching for this exact phrase every month. It tells me the number of visitors I’d receive if I was ranked number 1 for the term. It tells me the total number of web pages that are trying to rank for the exact phrase (QSR or Quoted Search Results). It gives me is a Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI), which tells me if the keyword is worth going after or not and last but not the least, it provides me with an SEO score. The SEO score indicates how likely it will be for me to rank on the first page of Google.

The SEO score is based on a scale of 1-100 and the closer your number is to 100, the better chance you will have at ranking on Google. As you can see in the screenshot above, the SEO for  “how to start a blog to make money” is 87. This means that with good Search Engine Optimization, I’ll have a good chance of getting my article seen by people, which is the ultimate goal of all bloggers.


How to get Jaaxy

As you can see, Jaaxy is a really great tool and it works. The fact that you are seeing this article says a whole lot? It’s not by accident why you are seeing this article. It is by design. It is with the help of this amazing tool. Some great news for you right now is that you too can start ranking articles in Google in a matter of weeks. Because you can actually start using Jaaxy today for FREE.

Click Here to Use Jaaxy for Free

Jaaxy allows you to use the software for free for your first 30 keyword searches. So I advise that you give it a try today to start writing better articles for your blogs.


How to Start a Blog to Make Money – 7 Steps

So once again, here are the SEVEN steps to follow if you want to start a blog to make money online.

  1. Pick a blog name
  2. Get your blog online
  3. Customize your blog
  4. Keyword Research Analysis
  5. Write & publish your first post!
  6. Promote your blog
  7. Make money blogging


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